In a nutshell we help people pass their Prop firm challenges as we know it’s difficult for some people to achieve the profit target limit. We understand that alot of people can comfortably achieve 3-5% a month consistently but just have difficulty getting the funded account. So we make it easier for them by getting them through the evaluation stage so they can get FUNDED!

Once you purchase a challenge from our website, at the checkout you will be presented with a form in which then you will enter the necessary details about your challenge account such as account size, login credentials, etc. Once you submit this form, you will be contacted by us on your preferred contact about when will start your challenge. Typically, once you send us your credentials it would take us about 20-25 days to Pass Phase 1. Thereafter we’d contact you to receive phase 2 details which we’d then attempt and pass in around 14-21 days.

All our prices are based on FTMO prices with a small service charge added. All these prices are based on FTMO prices regardless of which prop firm the client chooses. So, for example, a 10k account costs $180 on FTMO so if you chose a 10k acc, our service fee would be the same one-time $180 fee to pass both evaluation and verification plus a $20 surcharge.

No trade copier does not violate any rules In fact by the majority of the prop firms out there. In fact, most prop firms encourage trading multiple accounts with trade copiers since it is more efficient.


Our trading system allows us not to violate any rules resulting in our clients losing their accounts. But what will happen if we don’t pass your challenge successfully is that you’ll get a free retry from your prop firm as we don’t violate any major rules. Thereafter we can attempt to pass it again or if you choose we can go separate ways. And you will get your 100% refund back as per our motto


We aim for a minimum of 10% gain every month on all account sizes. Our profit split rate is 30% of the total profit figure whereas account owner you remain with 60% 0r 50% and prop firm secure their share of 10% or 20%.

Let us be honest with you guys here, it’s not the money for us that we desire. As you can already see the service to pass your account is very low that we offer compared to the benefit. if we desired we could charge double what we do and we know clients would still walk in every month wanting their challenges to be passed. Our main hope right now is to build our brand and help as many people along the way as we can.